NHMRC Public Consultation / Mitochondrial Donation: Ethical and Social Issues for Community Consultation

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Invitation to provide feedback on the social and ethical issues associated with the possible introduction of mitochondrial donation into Australian clinical practice.

The Australian Government has asked NHMRC to consult with the Australian community on the possible introduction of mitochondrial donation into clinical practice. The key focus is to understand what the views are of the broader Australian community, once the scientific, ethical and social issues are generally understood. This work follows on from a report published on 27 June 2018 from the Inquiry into the Science of Mitochondrial Donation and Related Matters (‘the Inquiry’) conducted by the Senate Community Affairs References Committee. You can access the Inquiry Report here .

Further information on consultation activities is on the NHMRC Mitochondrial Donation website.

NHMRC has developed the Mitochondrial Donation Issues Paper that summarises the key social and ethical issues raised by the possible introduction of mitochondrial donation in Australia. It includes ten questions for your consideration. The Issues Paper is included below under Consultation Documents.

You are invited to participate in this community consultation by considering the Issues Paper and responding to the ten questions in writing via this website. All respectful contributions to this consultation process from the Australian community are encouraged, including those from individuals or on behalf of groups or organisations.

Since submissions cannot be saved, it may be helpful to first complete your responses offline using the response template below (under Consultation Documents) and then complete your submission online. This will also allow you to retain a copy of your submission for your records.

You will be asked at the end of the survey whether you agree for your submission to be published.

We thank you for your participation and look forward to receiving your comments.

Consultation documents
Consultation date

Please note the time zone is ADST.

CLOSING DATE: 5:00pm (ADST) Friday 29 November 2019
EXTENSION: Late submissions will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.
Applications for extensions must be submitted to mito.consultation@nhmrc.gov.au before the closing date.
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