Public Consultation on draft Guidance on Short Term Exposure Values

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The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines contains fact sheets and health-based guideline values for a number of chemicals that might be present in drinking water. The health-based guideline value (HBGV) for each chemical is the concentration that, based on present knowledge, does not result in any significant risk to the health of the consumer over a lifetime of consumption and is consistent with water of good quality.

In certain circumstances the HBGV of some chemicals in a water supply may be exceeded for a short period of time without any appreciable risks to public health. This is an important consideration for local health authorities when, for example, deciding whether or not to shut down a town water supply after a flood. There is currently no advice on these exposure scenarios in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

At the request of the Australian Government Department of Health, NHMRC has developed draft Guidance on Short Term Exposure Values to include in Chapter 9 of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. This aims to assist water regulators and suppliers to manage instances where drinking water contamination occurs, such as during extreme weather events.

Aim of consultation

The aim of this public consultation is to seek stakeholder feedback on the draft Guidance, including the proposed approach for deriving or applying short term exposure values.

NHMRC Council has approved public consultation on the draft Guidance. You are invited, under paragraph 13(d) of the NHMRC Act 1992, to make a submission to NHMRC regarding this draft document.

Feedback from the public consultation will be addressed by the Water Quality Advisory Committee (WQAC) in finalising the documents. Following this, approval from NHMRC Council will be sought for publication in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.


NHMRC is seeking responses to specific questions that relate to the draft Guidance on Short Term Exposure Values. Issues raised on other aspects of water quality are not within scope of this process and therefore will not be considered.

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Closing date: 5:00pm (AEST) 14 October 2019
Extension: Please contact to discuss.
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